Get to know the Patreon Token

The Patreon Token is a cryptocurrency created by three pet-friendly crypto fans to create support for the animal welfare and conservation organizations they love, anytime, anywhere. The Patreon Token was created on December 01, 2021. It is made of 88 million pieces and each cryptocurrency can be divided into 8 decimal places.

It is good news for us and we hope for all animal lovers and nature lovers that the Patreon Token has embarked on its world conquest journey on December 1, 2021. We hope to reach all over the world, without exception, to organizations worthy and in need to help. 

Patreon Token Transaction Fees

The Patreon Token has three different fees, totaling 3% per transaction. 

1% Liquidity Fee

This fee is used to provide liquidity to the Patreon Token on certain exchanges, such as Pancakeswap, by supporting those who create Liquidity Polls.

1% Holder fee

This fee helps prevent inflation. By keeping everyone who keeps a Patreon Token in a wallet, it will be distributed proportionally among them. This encourages token holders to keep and not sell their tokens as they can make a profit.

1% Project maintenance fee

The maintenance fee will be awarded to the Patreon Token team for the maintenance and development of the project. This will help us keep the project viable and successful in the long run.