We are offering 888,888 Anti Elon Musk Tokens each for a total of 4 people who will destroy one Tesla each with one of the 4 items during 2022. The 4 basic elements of the earth are water, fire and air. We only accept one of each.

  • In the case of the doomed by the Earth, 1 someone must dig one into the earth.
  • In the case of doomed by water, 1 someone must sink one into the water.
  • In the case of a fire doomed, 1 one must burn one.
  • In the case of doomed by the air, 1 someone must drop or push one from somewhere.


All vehicles must be visibly destroy!
Of course, everyone must do it at their own risk and ensure that it does no harm to anyone or anything.
“” and its team take no responsibility for the actions of others.
Everyone must prove that they did it themselves and take on all the responsibilities that come with it.
A video of evidence must be made of it, which we will publish.



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