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  • The unlimited number of wallets — Armory was designed from the start to support multi-wallet operations without limit on the number.
  • The dialogue option to print paper backup when creating the wallet.
  • Watching-only wallets — there is a possibility of forking a “watching-only” wallet that contains no private-key data, but can still be used to generate addresses and confirm payments.
  • Wallet-update logic guarantees all atomic file operations. The system will automatically recover user’s wallets after any power failures or extremely rare-but-possible RAM/HDD errors.
  • Standard — standard;
  • Advanced-advanced;
  • Developer-expert mode.


  • secure management of funds even if you are connected to the Internet;
  • storing private keys on the offline media, working in offline mode;
  • address creation and control of funds without risk of hacking by intruders;
  • operation by means of offline mode when using USB-key;
  • the ability to create a paper wallet.


  • Armory requires that you have plenty of free disk space to install;
  • operation options the Armory client requires specific skills and experience in the use of such programs;
  • to generate the Armory wallet requires the official Bitcoin Core wallet because of the lack of Armory needed network functions;
  • easy of use in the Armory only for Windows platforms, Linux, Mac, Ubuntu.

External Links


  1. Armory — The most advanced Bitcoin Client in existence! on BitcoinTalk Forum
  2. Armory Bitcoin Development Funding




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