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Bitcoin Core Review

Versions of wallet

  • Introduction of a new generation anonymous interface (REST standard).
  • Improving the security of operations. The place of outdated OpenSSL came the modern system of saving data Libsecp256k.
  • There are more convenient view. It is possible to view the wallet of another person and be aware of their operations;
  • Developed and installed a library of approvals, which allowed to improve the interaction of bitcoin with other software;
  • There is a system that opens up new opportunities in the field of operations management. This, in turn, speeds up the process of transactions in the network;
  • Work continues on the division of one core into several different utilities with a narrow specialization.

Bitcoin Core Blockchain

Bitcoin Core wallet features

  • Compatibility with Linux (both GNOME and KDE), Mac OS X and Windows
  • All functionality of the original wxWidgets client
  • Asks for confirmation before sending coins
  • CSV export of transactions
  • Clearer transaction list with status icons and real-time filtering
  • Progress bar on initial block download
  • Languages: Dutch, English, German, Chinese and many more. Translations are being done by volunteers on Transifex.
  • Sendmany support in UI (send to multiple recipients in one transaction)
  • Multiple unit support, can show subdivided bitcoins (mBTC, µBTC) for users that like large numbers (only decimal units)
  • Splash screen that details progress
  • Debug window
  • Payment requests (BIP 70)
  • Coin control
  • bitcoin-cli as a RPC client, instead of bitcoind executable functioning both as a server and as a RPC client


  • Post frequency: about 1 post per month
  • Twitter fans: 10,457
  • Alexa rating: 166,043


Sync time

Bandwidth use

  • Requires a very long synchronization wallet;
  • Bitcoin Core has special requirements for PC hardware;
  • A fully loaded Bitcoin Core client weighs about 92 gigabytes, so you’ll need a lot of free space on the hard drive.

Lack of multiwallet support; node+wallet tied together

Bitcoin Improvement Proposals

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