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Block time

Hard forks




Permissioned (private) blockchain

Disadvantages of private blockchain

Blockchain analysis



Smart contracts

Financial services

Blockchain with video games

Supply chain

Blockchain in space

Other uses

  • Hyperledger is a cross-industry collaborative effort from the Linux Foundation to support blockchain-based distributed ledgers, with projects under this initiative including Hyperledger Burrow (by Monax) and Hyperledger Fabric (spearheaded by IBM)
  • Quorum — a permissionable private blockchain by JPMorgan Chase with private storage, used for contract applications
  • Tezos, decentralized voting
  • Proof of Existence is an online service that verifies the existence of computer files as of a specific time


Public blockchains

Private blockchains

Consortium blockchains

Hybrid blockchains

Academic research

Energy use of proof-of-work blockchains





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