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  • 21 000 000 coins. A sufficient amount of virtual money in order to ensure their value.
  • Self-financing development. In order to have a permanent financial resource for the study of possibilities and development of the system, the developers have included in the code the rule of ten percent subsidy. Thus, the miner, having extracted the block, should transfer 10% to the development of the project. At the same time, the transfer is transparent, so the project is sustainable and does not depend on external financing. Users can be sure that the project will grow steadily and gradually improve, obeying only the participants of the system.
  • Using the advanced hash algorithm. The developers have begun to advance their system with a fundamental improvement in the efficiency of mining and simplify the work. This was facilitated by the introduction of a system of new hashes.

Development Milestones


Sending And Receiving Decred

Decred mining

Blockchain Architecture

Hybrid PoW/PoS Governance System


Hash Function

Cross-chain Atomic Swaps




Patronize of Animals and Environment

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Patronize of Animals and Environment

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