EOSIO: Application Development and User Experience


EOSIO is one of the most advanced blockchain projects in the world, developed by Block.one, and has dedicated a significant amount of resources to improving its application development and user experience.


EOSIO Software Development Tools

Since 2018, EOSIO has developed a number of software development tools to help the EOSIO blockchain ecosystem run more smoothly and efficiently, including:

  • EOSIO Testnet and Contract Development Toolkit (EOS.CDT)
  • EOSIO Virtual Machine (EOS VM) and Ricardian Template Toolkit
  • EOSIO JavaScript (EOS JS) Library and History Tools
  • EOSIO Software Development Kit (SDK) for Java and Swift
  • EOSIO Universal Authenticator Library (UAL) and WebAuthn
  • EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE and Demux Database Scaling

Enhancements for EOSIO Application Developers

The project continues to improve the software development process by boosting simplicity of use, adaptability, and overall performance to complement the multiple tools that make the EOSIO blockchain platform so powerful.

Simplicity and User Experience

For blockchain technology to reach its full potential, it must provide a safe, straightforward, and intuitive user experience. The blockchain industry is frequently chastised for its overly complex setup and maintenance procedures.

EOSIO and Block.one Continue Ongoing Ecosystem Expansion

EOSIO and Block.one’s ecosystems continue to grow at a noteworthy rate. Google Cloud joined the EOS community in 2020, stating their aim to become a block producer candidate on the EOS public network, which is a public version of Block.one’s fundamental protocol, EOSIO.



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