Ethereum Classic (ETC): An Ideological Rift in the Ethereum Blockchain


Ethereum Classic (ETC) sprang from an ideological and ethical schism in the Ethereum community, which continues to cause debate. A major hack of a third-party application running on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain occurred in 2016, resulting in the theft of millions of dollars in ether, or ETH.


The Origin of Ethereum Classic

There are a variety of reasons why blockchains hard fork and split into distinct blockchains.

Ethereum vs. Ethereum Classic

The argument between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic boils down to a philosophical debate between two opposing viewpoints:

  1. A distributed ledger’s revised blockchain which was altered in a way that erased a successful cybertheft.
  2. A truly immutable blockchain with a permanent record of the network’s entire history, including a successful cybertheft.

Structure of Ethereum Classic

The Ethereum Classic protocol is a fork of the Ethereum protocol.

The Future of Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic has lately undergone multiple protocol improvements targeted at making the protocol more compatible with the Ethereum protocol, indicating a change of heart.



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