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Geometric method

  • Choose parameters f and c (fixed and variable fee).
  • At the start of every round, set s = 1. For every worker k, let S_k be the worker's score for this round, and set S_k = 0.
  • Set r=1-p+ p/c, where p = 1/D. If the difficulty changes during the round, r needs to be updated.
  • When worker k submits a share, set S_k = S_k + spB, and then s = sr.
  • If the share is a valid block, end the round. For every worker k pay (1-f)(r-1)S_k/sp

Double Geometric method

The best Bitcoin mining pool

Which mining pool to choose?

  • power pool — new pools, still do not get the necessary power will not be able to offer you decent profits, define for yourself the best options, review ratings analysts find the statistics of figures pools, such as here or here
  • evaluate your own equipment — you may need to raise the performance of the graphics card, and then mining will not be so profitable. If you mine with the old equipment, the profit will not be worth even the cost of electricity,
  • the method of profit sharing — most often the income from solving blocks is divided in proportion to the contribution of the participants, if you can not make a significant contribution, then the distribution will be equally profitable,
  • payments — find out if there’s a way to bring nomineee on the card or e-wallet, as well as interest service fee.




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