Sunda Tiger


Sunda Tiger Trio
  • POPULATION: Less than 400
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Panthera tigris sondaica
  • WEIGHT: 165–308 pounds
  • HABITATS: Tropical broadleaf evergreen forests, freshwater swamp forests and peat swamps
Sunda Tiger

Why They Matter

Sumatra is the only site in the world where tigers, rhinos, orangutans, and elephants coexist in the wild. The Sunda tiger’s presence is a good indicator of a forest’s health and biodiversity. Many other animals, including humans, benefit from the protection of tigers and their habitat.


Sunda Tiger 1

Illegal Wildlife Trade

In Sumatra, the majority of tigers are murdered for commercial reasons. Poaching for trade, according to TRAFFIC, the global wildlife trade monitoring network, is responsible for about 80% of estimated Sumatran tiger deaths, or at least 40 animals each year.

Human Wildlife Conflict

Tiger dispersal in search of their territory, as well as habitat deterioration, pulls tigers out of protected regions and into human-occupied areas, where they are more likely to encounter humans. Human-tiger conflict is a severe problem in Sumatra, as it is in other regions of the tiger’s habitat. Tigers have killed or injured people, and livestock has been stolen. Tigers may be killed as a result of villagers’ retaliation.

Habitat Loss

Sunda Tiger Babies and Mom

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