The Casper Network: A Dev-Friendly Enterprise Blockchain Platform


The Casper Network is a Proof of Stake (PoS) enterprise blockchain that is aimed to assist businesses in swiftly and effectively developing blockchain-enabled goods and services.


Casper Network’s Enterprise Offerings

The Casper Network is a Layer-1 Proof of Stake (PoS) network that makes developing blockchain-enabled goods and services as simple as possible for businesses. Existing corporate blockchain solutions are struggling to accommodate global enterprise adoption without making substantial concessions in security, scalability, and/or speed, which is why the project was formed.

Casper Network’s CSPR Token

The native cryptocurrency of Casper, CSPR, is used to compensate network validators for processing on-chain transactions using Casper’s PoS consensus method. CSPR was first made available through CoinList’s inaugural public token sale, however, it is now available on a number of notable crypto exchanges.

Casper CBC vs. Casper FFG

While the Casper Network is a separate project, it is frequently confused with the Ethereum network’s Casper implementation.

Casper Blockchain Uses in the Real World

CasperLabs, the company behind the Casper Network, is made up of former leaders from major corporations including Microsoft, Google, and Adobe.



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