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History of TON

The Telegram project was created by the brothers Durov in 2013. Nikolay Durov invented the MTProto encryption scheme, which formed the basis of the project. The main concept of the messenger was the anonymity and secure communication of users. The messenger existed on the personal funds of Pavel Durov until 2017. The project Telegram Open Network is mainly associated with the work of the Telegram messenger, in which it is planned to integrate the cryptocurrency Gram.

About TON

First of all, TON means user-friendliness. The transactions that will take place on this blockchain do not require waiting and a large fee and are executed as quickly as Visa and Mastercard. The blockchain works on the principle of the Proof-of-stake protocol, which makes transactions secure. The architecture consists of one blockchain and 292 additional networks. The blockchain will support sharding technology, which will speed up the generation of new blocks and increase the speed of transactions.

Main features

Blockchain TON consists of a set of blockchains, which are divided into:

  • A lot of “working” blockchains that allow you to execute smart contracts. Such TON blockchains can be created according to different rules and use different Virtual Machines to execute smart contracts.
  • The complete structure of the blockchain TON: master chain workplace, shard chain, blocks, where blocks are also some kind of blockchain, which allows them to be rewritten and to abandon the hard forks of the network.
  • TON Proxy. A decentralized blockchain-based VPN service, which is a secure environment for using TON. It is an anonymizer similar to TOR.
  • TON Services & DNS. The platform for the provision of third-party services, allowing the use of user interfaces and domain name services.
  • TON Payments. A platform for micropayments and P2P transactions.

TON Network

According to the Aton paper, the TON network is comprised of the following components:

Gram cryptocurrency

Gram ー internal cryptocurrency platform TON. Cryptocurrency developers see it as an analog of Visa and Mastercard: instant transactions will occur within the network. Gram is based on the Proof-of-Stake protocol and will be secured through the work of smart contracts. This will help to conduct up to 10 million transactions/sec.

TON Development Perspectives

The developers have scheduled the launch of all announced services in 2019. In the first quarter, a basic on TON economy should be created in Telegram, and in the second, all TON services, TON storage, and TON proxy should be started.

TON Team

  • Nikolay Durov ー programmer. Fulfilled the entire technical part to run VK and Telegram. Co-founder of TON.
  • Pavel Durov ー ex-director of development for VK. The main investor in the Telegram messenger. Co-founder of TON.
  • Alexey Levin ー ex-engineer C/C++ on VK. C/C++ Engineer in TON.
  • Vitalik Valtman ー ex-engineer C/C++ on VK. C/C++ Engineer in TON.
  • Arseny Smirnov ー ex-engineer C/C++ in VK. C/C++ Engineer in TON.




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